We will be holding our 2012 Conference on May 11, 2012 at Brookhaven National Lab. Please check back here in the next couple of days as there will be more information available. Thanks for your patience!

Here is the information for vendors wishing to display:

Brookhaven National Laboratory Product Demonstration Guidelines 

The following procedures and information is for Vendors Inquiring about demonstration space at Brookhaven National Laboratory:

  • Reservations for Vendor space in Berkner Hall-Building 488 is done through the conference office by:

Ruth Comas

P.O. Box 5000, Building 488

Upton, NY 11973

Phone 344-3545 fax 344-2069 cell phone 828-9502

Email comas@bnl.gov

  • Two eight foot tables with cloths will be provided
  • The demonstration Fee is $172.10; additional tables are $24.50 each. Payments should be made out to BSA and must be received prior to vendor demonstrations or on the day of the event. If pre-mailing a payment send payment to the attention of Ruth Comas at the above address. Limited Packages may be shipped ahead of time with prior approval. Storage of large boxes is not available.
  • The vendor must provide all supplies required for the demonstrations i.e. power cords and other necessary supplies. All brochures and debris are to be removed at the conclusion of the demonstration.
  • Vendors may set up from 9am till 11 am. Traffic is heaviest from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.
  • All demonstrators need Photo ID to gain access on site. Please email Ruth Comas with the demonstrators’ names and security will be notified. Visitors who are not US Citizens may not be able to enter the site.
  • A Small banner may be hung up in the lobby area during the product demonstration.


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