Across the globe, governments use GIS to move communities toward healthier, more resilient, and safer outcomes. From actions as simple as optimizing routes for field workers, to visualizing policy impacts and developing intelligent transportation systems, GIS supports governments at all levels—local, state, and national.

Mapping, charting, surveying, land administration, and statistical organizations supply the foundational GIS data such as census counts and imagery that is critical to national, state, and local governments. Today, government organizations increasingly use Web GIS portals to share this data in real-time along with maps, apps, and services. The abundance of real-time data available now informs dynamic maps that support workflows for health, transportation, and public safety to name a few.

Web GIS portals make data easy to visualize, analyze, and share, creating more efficient organizations. This trend is transforming systems of record into systems of engagement that foster safe, stable, scalable environments to serve data, maps, and services that people can easily discover and use.

At the senior levels of government, leaders use GIS to inform policy decisions on issues that shape national and global action. Exploring issues with a geographic understanding reveals connections, patterns, and impacts that would otherwise go unnoticed. Maps also give leaders powerful visual tools to communicate with the public. People intuitively understand maps and the knowledge shared in this way with the public fosters an informed, engaged citizenry.

Mapping the Nation: Building Smart Government with GIS illustrates how governments use GIS to enhance national security, public policy, health, resilience, national mapping and statistics, humanitarian efforts, infrastructure, and education. Discover real-world practices that are the building blocks of smart communities and smart nations. Ultimately, these practices together can create a National GIS for a more prosperous, sustainable, and healthy world.

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