The Advanced Graduate GSS Certificate Program requires students to earn 18 credits. All applicants are required to hold a BA, BS degree, or graduate degree. The program courses will be offered with flexible

Scheduling that is intended to allow prospective students to complete the certificate requirements in one year.

Summer (all courses are online): Earn 9 to 12 credits

     * GSS 513 GIS Fundamentals I, 3cr (Summer Session 1 Extended, 8 weeks: 5/31-7/23)

     GSS 509 Digital Cartography, 3cr (Summer Session 1, 6 weeks: 5/31-7/9)

     * GSS 525 GIS Fundamentals II, 3cr (Summer Session 2, 6 weeks: 7/11-8/20)

     GSS 550 Applied Spatial Analysis, 3cr (Summer Session 2, 6 weeks: 7/11-8/20)

Fall: Earn 3 to 9 credits

     * GSS 526 GIS Project Management (Online), 3cr

     GSS 554 GIS for the Coastal Zone, 3cr

     MAR 558 Remote Sensing, 3cr

Spring: Earn 6 credits

     GSS 523 Geodatabase and Design (Online), 3cr

     GSS 587 Geospatial Science Research, 3cr: GIS capstone project under GIS faculty supervision

Note 1: * denotes core courses.

Note 2: The summer courses are subject to enrollment.

Application Deadline for the Summer admission: May 1st

For more information, please visit or

contact the graduate program director: Dr. Sung-Gheel (Gil) Jang, phone: (631) 632-5364 or email:


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