GIS Cloud just released a free extension for Esri ArcMap which enables you to easily push your maps from desktop to GIS Cloud.
This tool will publish maps together with their data and symbology making the end result look the same as in your desktop software.

The extension has been made highly compatible and should work with any ArcMap 9.x and 10.x.

This is what they have so far:
– maps and layers can be created and afterwards updated
– you can choose which layers to export
– your upload is secure through an SSL connection
– all your vector data can be uploaded, regardless of the datasource
– unique value categories and graduated color symbology supported
– labels – these end up with a generic look only in GIS Cloud for now
– point layer symbology support almost at 100%
– simple line symbols – only solid lines
– simple fill symbols – only single color fills

Check here for the blog post about this release:

The extension is free or charge and can be downloaded from here:

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