With thirty-nine years of GIS experience Bill Timmins has been the owner/director at GIS Services since 1993. Current responsibilities include needs analysis, project management, training, integration of GIS solutions and business partner development.

On May 11, 2011 at the LIGIS Conference Bill will do a presentation that will provide examples of the integration of GIS/GPS cameras and digital pen solutions for feature data capture and access in the field. Inexpensive and easy to use field data capture solutions eliminate the technology boundaries. They provide a good fit for GIS professionals for the requirements for public works, planning departments, appraisers, emergency responders and operational managers and associated support personnel – many who have no background in technology. These solutions provide for the daily tasks of departments and agencies workflow requirements and can provide critical information to help in time of emergency response to help save lives and property.

Bill Timmons 520-991-0727, director@gisservices.net

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