Part 1 – List of 600+ government ArcGIS servers with open data

Earlier this year I posted two pdf files with internet addresses for federal and state ArcGIS servers with open data.  That work has now been combined into a single pdf file.  In addition, internet addresses for various regional, county and city ArcGIS servers have been added.  As described in the pdf file, these 600+ GIS server addresses were found with simple Google searches.  Here is the updated list:

The primary purpose of this list is to provide the REST service endpoints for government servers with open data.  All of these links end in “rest/services”.  In particular, I hope that students in middle school and high school will eventually use this list to explore geospatial data for their local communities.

And of course the list is not complete.  So if you know of additional government ArcGIS servers with open data, please send me the REST service endpoint and I will update the list.

>>>>> Note that I am not requesting addresses for data ‘portals’.

Part 2 – Surf ArcGIS data with Gmap4 v9 beta

Gmap4 is an enhanced Google map viewer that I developed and originally released in 2009.  This is a public service project and part of my way to “pay it forward”.  Everyone is welcome to use Gmap4 with the exception that commercial use is not allowed.  Use by teachers and government employees is encouraged.

Version 9 of Gmap4 allows anyone to surf data that is hosted on ArcGIS servers almost as easily as you surf the internet.  A *beta* release is available that is fully operational on desktops and laptops.  (Currently the interface is being tweaked so it will also work well on mobile devices.)  For a link to the beta code and more information, including how to make your own custom Google + GIS map links, please see this pdf:

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