Do you want to sharpen your GIS skills? Why don’t you take Summer ONLINE GIS courses at Stony Brook University? If you have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in taking graduate courses at Stony Brook University without working toward a degree or certificate, you can take the online GIS courses as a Non-matriculated Graduate Student (GSP). Please see this site to find how to become the non-matriculated graduate student.

If you take graduate GIS courses as the non-matriculated graduate student, the maximum six credits can be counted toward the Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Geospatial Science if you are admitted to the GIS graduate certificate program.

Stony Brook University offers the following FULL ONLINE GIS courses in Summer 2017:

GSS 509 Digital Cartography (6 weeks, 5/30-7/8)

GSS 513 GIS Fundamentals I (8 weeks, 5/30-7/22)

GSS 555 GIS and Remote Sensing (6 weeks, 7/10-8/19)

Registration deadline: 5/12
The Geospatial Center at Stony Brook University offers more online and face-to-face GIS courses in the fall and spring semesters. For more information, please visit this site, or contact Dr. Sung-Gheel (Gil) Jang (email:, Phone: 631-632-5364).


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