UPDATE: The LIGIS Steering Committee nomination period will be closing Wednesday, March 15th.

Are you interested in being part of the Long Island GIS Steering Committee and making a difference in the GIS community here on Long Island? If so, please view nomination process below along with open seats for the start of 2017.

To be considered for nomination onto the LIGIS Steering Committee, you must

  • submit a resume and narrative (about why the candidate fits the open seats) to the Steering Committee 6 weeks prior to the fall user conference
  • have a professional job in the GIS field
  • be a “member” for 2 or more years (defined in the by-laws)
  • contribute to the betterment of GIS
  • contribute an article/ presentation/ or involved with a LIGIS User Conference or alternative LIGIS activity
  • have attended at least 4 LIGIS user conferences in the previous 4 years.

Open Seats for start of 2017 are as followed:

1.) 1 Suffolk County Rep

2,) 1 Academic

3.) 1 Federal/ State Rep


*If interested, please email LIGISInfo@gmail.com. More information available on the Long Island GIS website: www.LIGIS.org

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